Best place to get Euros at the mo? Plz Hot Dealers!
    Thanx V


    ummm, Europe?:p

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    any one got any ideas? I need some too!


    dunno but in london those little exchange shops are offering 92 quid for 100 euros

    off to the dam soon as well gonna be expensive

    Euro is terrible at the min, its worth reading this info on the MSE website (link below) Good luck, happy holidays…ney

    Hope it helps

    Not looking great -

    For anyone who as a Nationwide Account I paid for a BMI flight yesterday in euros direct from my account and got 1.037 to the £ (it is subject to change but thought Id let you know)

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    The dam is brill! 100euros for £92 thats 4 hookers!lol

    Post Office are commission free so worth a punt
    (they shut Saturday lunchtime)

    i got mine at the PO a couple of weeks back - pretty much all the same and unless you're buying loads it's probably not worth the hassle of mail ordering them.


    have to say you always get a better exchange rate in the country you are visiting, so worth itsgetting a few before you go but better changing the bulk of your GBP when you get there.
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