Euros or sterling travellers cheques

    Off on my jols to the costas soon and anyone think that i may get a better rate for my money by taking travellers cheques instead of euros.Looking at about a grand plus,thoughts would be greatley appreciated.


    picked up a leaflet in M&S store saying:

    Commission - free travel money

    Use your debit card or Mastercard credit card to withdraw commission-free Euros and US dollars

    Our new Euro and US Dollar cash machine is easy and safe to use, Just insert your debit card or mastercard and follow the simple instructions.
    *Excellent exchange rates
    *No cash advance handling fee when using your M&S credit card


    Dont know how their rate compares but did find a comparison site only yesterday to compare rates, sill have another look, also have you got time to apply for the M&S credit card no cash advance fee if you dont have the cash on debit card :thumbsup:

    Do travellers cheques still exist? nationwide debit card and credit card for no commission overseas - I always take a backup card or two just in case as well.

    One good and safe way of spending your money abroad is through a Nationwide credit card or Nationwide bank account (using a cash machine). Nationwide don't charge for taking money out abroad and are supposed to give a competitive rate of exchange.
    With travellers cheques, you will want to look into whether you want to buy £s or $s as sometimes it can be better value to get dollars.

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    Previously have found you do get a better rate while you are abroad,what with the **** exchange rate at the moment i thought that maybe someone from spain may read or someone thats been away recently.I think they still do travellers cheques,i do usuallly take currency and use marks and sparks i must admit.

    best comparison site I could find is although its not great..

    Didnt know about Nationwide and have their debit card so great stuff for me this summer - cheers:thumbsup:

    I always just use a nationwide card both in Europe and further afield, no transaction costs and as good a rate as you get anywhere else

    I would put £1000 into your visa or mastercard account - to put you in credit - and then just use ATMs while you are abroad, that way you wont get stung with interest charges on your account or have to pay commision and you'll get a good exchange rate from the ATM

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    Thanks one and all:thumbsup:
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