Eurostar - is Standard Premier worth it?

    I'm looking to book a weekend away later in the year and can't decide what type of ticket to book. Of course, the 'better' Standard Premier class is more appealing, but it's such a huge amount of money more than just the standard. Is paying the extra really worth it?? From what I can tell it's only really more space (are we talking centimeters) and light snacks served at your table (anything better than the buffet car?).

    Has anyone experienced both classes recently who can help and advise me?!


    short answer no, its really not worth it. For the amount of time your going to be on it (I gather paris) its really not worth the extra, eurostar is normally pretty empty anyways so you should'nt have a problem streaching out if you need to and yeah i've used premier before as well. If you get chance though go Business Premier its quite nice.
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    when i went about 2 years was RAMMED full.....but still very comfortable...stay away from the baby/family carriages ... we were sitting there and my son was crying for the entore journey from Disneyland to back home...non stop! felt sorry for the other families but hey ho!!

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    Blimey, Business premier?! At over 400% more?! I think not!

    By the sounds of it it's not really worth best. Best stick to the normal poor person's carriage!

    Thank you both.
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