Basically, I'm interested from a non-bias point of view how they work?

    Is it simply the same as freeview?

    You get the box, plug it in, connect to arial and you then have every channel or what?

    Does anyone have them? and if so what are they like?

    I'm in the centre of Birmingham, so should I be ok with connectivity? (Im in a freeview area and I've never really been out of range for anything I've wanted..)

    One of my friends said an Internet connection is needed, is that true?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!



    some guys selling here ferdy i think have a google

    Eurovox works with cable basically it should be run with a cable box supplied by the cable provider but a word of warning it is not illegal to own one.
    However it is illegal to use if you are not paying the cable company for the programmes you are viewing also you must be prepared to change the software when needed as providers alter this to stop theft of channels

    Original Poster

    Ok cool.

    How do you go about changing the software? simple USB?


    Ok cool.How do you go about changing the software? simple USB?

    A RS232 null modem cable can be used. Using the 9pin DB COM1 connection on the pc.

    whats a rs232 modem?!

    A RS232 null modem cable you will get one on ebay for £1.50 also plenty of boxes including starview, eurovox and others this cable will be supplied if you ask for one with your order.
    A good forum for details of boxes and the type to buy ] and then search for the box of choice

    ok il have a look out of interest what do u have and what kinda prices should i look to pay?!

    Usually around £100.

    Also try [url][/url]

    He's doing them quite cheap at the moment.

    its not eurovox is it?…158

    They all do the same thing and for 75 quid I don't think you can complain.

    None of them are as good as the dbox2 anyway.

    Digivox, as above, is completely different from Eurovox.

    Not sure how well supported those are.

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