Found 4th Sep 2010
Anyone got a eurovox cablebox..? have they all lost their signals or is it just a regional thing.most channels have been scrambled

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I had a starview that lost signal a while ago.... my mate was saying that Virgin have changed their encryption and the old units no longer work.
Hope that helps?


yep encryption has changed
no more free cable (well apart from cardshare)

Mine still works fine,no channels lost

Virgin changed to Nagravision3 in the past few months so all boxes have pretty much gone down. The new way is card sharing through internet stream... but im still very warey about this one as being tracked is much more of an issue.

All Eurovoxes so ive read will not even be able to implement a Nag3 hack as they cannot be updated to a Linux based firmware ? Maybe technically wrong on that but ive read something to that effect.



Mine still works fine,no channels lost

not for much longer

can confirm they are still fully working in Knowsley (liv2 region) and 1. No I don't have one anymore with sky these days ;o
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