Eurovox EX5000 PVR Question

    I'm looking for a cheap HDD for my Eurovox, just wanted to know if something like this would do.…1-9

    Granted it's a no name brand, but I'm just after something cheap, and from the reviews it seems like it's an okay HDD too.

    If anyone has come across any alternative hard drives for this purpose I'd also like to hear you're suggestions.

    Anyways all help is appreciated, rep available for anyone who helps.


    Is it SATA or IDE your PVR uses? If it's SATA (best bet is to pop the box open and have a peak, by the way), I've got ]this listed at the moment. £27 for a 160GB drive.

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    I'm not sure if it uses SATA interface, I'm told it defo takes a hard drive with an IDE interface, the maximum storage it can cope with is 120gb.

    Pretty sure when these came out a lot got caught out as not all hard drives fitted (something to do with a lip on the PVR).

    The one I got in the end (with my Eurovox) was a Western Digital Hard drive 120 gb, WD1200BEVE

    PM sent - where I bought.

    hi i am thinking of buying one of these boxes
    i have a fta101 box at the moment it scrambles the virgin channels however its stopped working
    does the eurovox do this if so is it still working correct ?
    hope you dont mind me asking i paid 100 quid for that box 2-3yrs ago so has done its job but time for an upgrade
    thanks dawn x
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