Eurovox Max Cable Box? - Anyone got one?

Not too sure if this is the right place to post this question.
But i'm thinking of buying a Eurovox max box, of course i wouldn't do anything like connect it to my cable box as i know this is very naughty *cough cough* It will just sit under my bedroom tv where i can admire it and polish it every now and again.

But just wondering if they do what they say on the tin, and if anyone has had any problems with them?


I have a DBox, I think it's the same as a Eurovox. I've had it for about three months and it works OK. It does freeze occasionally but I just re-boot it and it's fine again. This happens maybe once a day, if that.

Original Poster

Thanks for getting back to me!!
Oooo I'm so tempted!

How much was your DBox, as the Eurovox box is £130 inc leads, software etc

P/M me if you want any more info.

I have had this box for over a year

quite simply the best electrical purchase i have ever made

280 channels free:giggle:

my mates got a eurovox and its got so much channels i couldnt believe it! i have to make do with freeview tho lol
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