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Found 1st May 2011
Hey guys, wondering if I could grab a bit of advice here. Basically as the title says, I'm selling my Playstation 3 Slim & its games for the one simple reason, I don't trust Sony anymore with my information.

The PS3 is deemed practically useless without its PSN capabilities, leaving you back in the old days of playing constantly offline doing nothing but running around on GTA IV getting 6 stars from killing people/cops and holding out at a Petrol Station knowing you're about to be killed. I've lost that spur to have fun on the console, at heart I'm a 360 fan, I use XBL daily on my Windows Phone 7 Phone, and I just want to move back I guess.

So, my question to you all is simply, how much do you think is feasible for what's listed below.

x1 Playstation 3 Slim 320GB (running latest official firmware)
x1 Playstation 3 Dualshock Controller
x1 HDMI Cable (around 2-3m) (and Original PS3 power & AV cables)
x1 GameWare Vertical Stand

Games comprise of,
- Call Of Duty: Black Ops
- The Sims: 3
- Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes of Liberty City
- Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
- Smackdown Vs Raw 2009
- TNA: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
- LittleBigPlanet (part damaged casing)

So, yeah, how much do you think it'd fetch? I'm mainly looking at around the pricing of £180 to allow me to buy an Xbox 360 4GB with maybe a game or 2.

This is not a sale, this is just a request for advice on how much to sell for.

Many thanks,
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50 bones.
^Could post something worth reading "MadeDixonsCry"..
cex will give you £129 (Cash) or £161 (Exchange) for the ps3 dual shock and av able (if you have the box)
£14---------£18 for Black Ops
£10--------£13 for Sims 3
£10--------£13 for Hot Pursuit
£0.90-----£1.20 for Smackdown
£1---------£1.40 for TNA
£4---------£5 for LBP

couldnt find a price for GTA 4 episodes for Liberty City, these prices will be pretty much what you would get from other stores (Game,Gamestation etc) the ps3 alone in exchange will give you enough to get a slim 250gb straight swap with £1 left over

hope that helps
What a legend, thanks for that. I'd still probably ask £170 for it as £160 is too low for this kind of thing, its about 5 months old.
if you were to sell it on here/ebay/anywhere else and not take it into a store to trade in then you will always make more money that way, due to stores offering lower due to them trying to maximize their profits.
^Ah, I see, many thanks for the advice
no worries mate good luck with your sale!
320GB PS3?

Yeah but is that every single store? Plus then you'd need ID and other stuff. I don't have a passport or driving license, so I wouldn't be able to do it.
I only showed my bank card when I sold stuff to gamestation.Phone them and see about the price.
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