Eve Mattress Topper

Found 10th Jan 2018
I am looking for a double bed mattress topper, I want something very soft. Has anyone tried the Eve ones please or can you recommend another make. Looking for memory foam one as in rented accommodation for a couple of months and the bed so hard, obviously a cheap mattress but I don't want to replace the mattress as I have very good beds at home. I can't sleep on this one for 5 months, just too uncomfortable.
Thanks so much
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Got my daughter an Argos one I think it's called home memory foam topper. It's very comfortable and tbh if the kids migrate to our bed for the night I get straight into hers.
Use a duvet, not a lot of people think of that but if you do it's far easier to change and wash. And as you proberbly already have a spare it might be worth trying before you spend on an over priced similar item.
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