Event At A University

    Hey all,

    I own a business and taking it for the first time to the university. I will be selling stock that i have.

    I am considering a pricing method and how i should do it. I know the prices i sell the stock at

    But should i mark the products with a price tag of its price on the day already with the discount, or have a big sign saying 10% for all students/staff and take 10% off the price tag.

    What would entice you more? Knowing the 10% is going to be taken off or just having a price from the onset making it less complex



    I would go with the normal pricing up and then taking the 10% off after, that way people perceive it to be more of a bargain and can see the higher prices

    What uni you taking it to?

    Agree with above:thumbsup:


    Yup, a sign saying 10% off marked price is better.

    This. Have the normal price then a big sign taking 10% off.

    big sign sayin 10% off will do the job :thumbsup:

    hike the prices by 15% before you go then knock 10% off on the day ..........teehee

    :thumbsup: I agree ^^^ as well ( big sign 10% off).

    Good Luck with your sale.:-D


    What uni you taking it to?

    OP cannot answer this as it would fall foul of self-promotion.

    Original Poster

    Well i have just worked out my margins. As this is the first type of event in that location, i believe we can stretch the discount to a more healthier number. lol.

    We have pondered, 10, 15 and even 20% off

    Now i need to make the sign lol


    Now i need to make the sign lol

    Make it short and sweet in bold letters.......STUDENTS NOT WELCOME :thumbsup:
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