Ever bought anything from those tv shopping channels?

    I once bought something from QVC and I've had a couple of things from Ideal World, most recently I bought a Karcher pressure washer. I'd wanted one for ages and they had one for £199 and I saw the same one in B & Q for £235.

    I was thinking more of those auction channels? How reliable are they? And is the stuff really a bargain or is it all sales talk?



    wouldnt dream of it. Prices are sky high.



    ] wouldnt shop from QVC again becuase of the above relating to Samsung 2333HD 23" 1080P Full HD LCD TV with Freeview

    not as bad as the samsung [URL="javascript:plnav('561356','text')"]LE37B650[/URL]

    Cheapest online around £600

    QVC Special price ONLY £1002 :whistling:

    Those auction channel def hype things up and the rrp too.
    I bought a watch in TJ Hughes a fair few years back for about £15,it said RRP on it £30,then I saw it on 1 them channels a short while later and it said RRP was £80,far from it,it was just a Cosmopolitan watch,stainless steel strap with a bit of diamonte round face.

    Steer clear!
    My mum is absolutely ADDICTED!!!
    Nothing i saw or do will change her mind.
    They start brainwashing you!!!
    She must have spent over 10 grand on these bloody channels!!!
    On some of them it's something like 8 quid postage and then 1.50 just for the call so you've spent 10 quid before uve even started!!!!!

    Some of their pressure washer deals aren't bad but generally the prices are poor compared to sale prices on here......

    OVC are probably the better of the bunch and I think you can return things for free. Probably the same with Ideal world. I've bought a couple of things from bid-up tv and price-drop tv but unless you get branded items the quality of the clothing is generally poor and some of the other stuff they sell is extremely bad can bid on the web and not the phone and their postage is expensive and I don't think they are run as well as QVC

    i know ppl addicted to bid tv and price drop and i must say there are huge bargains to be had on there and there generally a good service
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