ever ordered from www.americanfood4u.com?

Found 12th Feb 2011
hi, anyone ever ordered from americanfood4u.com

i am thinking of ordering some bud light!

how much do you pay in duty or tax to the uk?

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United Kingdom

Category of shipping Country: Shipping Description: Prize For each further item
2 United Kingdom UPS Credit Card (Std) 9.90 € 0.00 €
2 United Kingdom UPS PayPal (Std) 9.90 € 0.00 €
2 United Kingdom UPS Prepayment (Std) 9.90 € 0.00 €

This is taken from their postage prices. apparently you win a "prize" of €9.90 as well, lol
On a serious note though be careful how much you order...

Illegal immigrants no problem, come on in, heres a house, heres a car, heres £100 a week...

A few crates of beer.... NO NO NO, DUTY DUTY DUTY.
on another note, isnt the company based in germany as it has a german address so you wouldnt get charged cutoms?

Also got no idea if there ok, I was going to order from them a few weeks ago but didnt for some reason in the end.
Edited by: "fridgehead" 13th Feb 2011
never used them but if from germany you can import pretty much whatever you want (with the vague "for personal use" caveat).
You never know OP, if you order enough Bud might throw these in for nothing...


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