Ever wondered what your kids are upto in the snow ?



    ****** mental! haha

    imagine the look on health and safetys face X)

    saw this few days back,only in russia......

    Watching that made my legs tingle!

    you gotta have some mighty big jacobs to do that.

    got to be fake, the swing is all wrong IMO. I.d like to see where the 'rope' is fastened as she swings inbetween the two blocks at the end
    Edited by: "greg_68" 19th Dec 2010

    I too was waiting for the crunch sound.... what if the rope ....


    "In southern California, you can only jump once; becuase there is no snow and you die! I hate you snow enjoyers, Argh!"

    crazy!!, real or not it's entertaining.
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