Everest windows 6 windows for £8,000

Posted 17th Nov 2015
We sadly have to replace 6 windows due to them being well and truly done, we had a salesman come out today and give us a Quote for £8,000 that was including all of their "discounts" the original price was something like £16,000 or something, anyways we put the deposit down for 8% of the final amount (this can be got back 100% within 7 days if we change our minds)

The Everest windows are said to be the best, come with lifetime guarantee which no other company offer and 10years workmanship guarantee also.
We have all the sizes and such now and wondering could we get an online quote elsewhere.

the guy seemed really nice but £8,000 is a lot for 6 windows two of which are tiny, one about half A4 size and the other about A4 size.....

any advice would be great please be constructive or add links to other companies?
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thats just crazy , in northern ireland i got 9 pvc windows with a front and back door for £3200 just 3 months ago
Avoid the big boys and in particular Anglian Windows, best advice I can give you is use a small local company. Can I ask what area you live in?
Everest are well know to be one of the most expensive. For a comparison: I got 5 windows (two of which are huge) and 2 doors in 2012 for £4000 from Coral Windows (who also do warranty, etc.) Definitely get another quote and get your deposit back! (They will undoubtedly offer you more discounts when you request your deposit back, but stick to your guns and go elsewhere).
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Wow that's silly amount, I'm having mine done I live in the Midlands
10 Windows 7 I say normal and 1 bay =3 and they wanted 6200 I haggled and got them down to 5150 for 10 they have 4.7 stars plenty of 4-5 stars 10yr g/tee on everything, also they do buy now pay later :-)
A plastic window is a plastic window, don't forget all the window sales people are usually on commission only sale, like above avoid the big companies and go local you will get the same for a quarter of the price
I have a 4 bedroom 4 Storey house with large dormer window in attic, also needed 7 foot Bay Windows x 3 in Front and 10 further windows and came in at £5000 with a new front door and frame.

We had a shocking quote from these horrible people for £15000 as they said we also needed over £2500 worth of scaffolding

We had to make official complaint to ICO about Everest as they hounded us everyday for over a month on the phone saying they could do it cheaper, even came back to house on numerous occasions.

Try your local area, make sure they are accredited and FENSA registered as you need the paperwork or if not ask your Local building Inspector to come round and sign off installation.

Do not go with these

Avoid the big boys and in particular Anglian Windows, best advice I can … Avoid the big boys and in particular Anglian Windows, best advice I can give you is use a small local company. Can I ask what area you live in?

Glasgow (G61)

We thought them because it was lifetime and best quality so don't want to pay less but end up spending more
Ring them and say you've had two more quotes - £4350 and £4699, you will find they will drop that ridiculous price.
Four months ago we got 10 windows ranging from 2 meters wide down to 50 cms wide, fully installed for £2700 from a local window company who make their frames in house. Full FENSA certification too.
A year before we got a quote from Anglia Home Improvements for the same job for...... have a guess...... no, £20,000!!! Needless to say, they got their marching orders.
Don't go with the big guys, go local.
Go with a local company and get a couple of quotes then use that to haggle down the price. As said make sure they're FENSA registered.
thanks all
everest are mega expensive

i had 3 large windows, front and back door for £1200 by local company
I agree with the other comments. Also, make sure you ask for that deposit back asap! You never know whether they will return it as quickly as you paid it.

Glasgow (G61)We thought them because it was lifetime and best quality so … Glasgow (G61)We thought them because it was lifetime and best quality so don't want to pay less but end up spending more

ask family and friends, neighbours or keep a look out for companies in your area and knock and ask the house once they have gone what they were like, most areas have well established companies who have been going for years. Get 3 quotes and avoid any from the big boys.
What's the point of a 'half an a4' sized window?
Omg you are being ripped off. I've just had a price for 5 Windows and they are big Windows a front door and triple bi-fold door in grey aliminum for 6.5k.
The same in upvc I was priced 3.5k.
Firstly get your deposit back and ask around local companies, usually you should find some reviews online too.

I'd usually ask around 2-3 to quote first
I has 9 Windows porch and back door some for 3k so definitely over priced
I have Windows 8, got it off EBay for £20 (_;)
i say i say you buy won you get one free i say you buy won you get won free
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Sorry dude, you've been mugged. The examples above are all true, although not all uPVC is the same and neither are the quality of the frames; get a local established firm based on a recommendation. Any guff about energy saving glass? All have to be now anyway.

Try an get your money back but don't be surprised if it's not as simple as you think...... good luck, get on it ASAP.
ouch thats an awful lot. I had 9 windows a large set of french doors and a 1x2m porch and front door fitted about 3 years ago for 4k. get your money back.
Ditto all the comments above about getting local company to do the job at a lot less money. Most of which offer brilliant guarantees and let's face it you could have the job done twice over the forthcoming years and still not be out of pocket

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Have you ever seen how windows are fitted? Basically three frame fixings each side and a tin of expanding foam and a tube of sealent! Very easy to fit. You don't need to have them fitted by a FENSA registered fitter you can get building regs for your local council instead. I fitted myself two large and three small UPVC Double glazed windows to my old flat about seven years ago and it cost me less then £800 including building regs approval. It took me longer to get the old ones out than it did to fit the new.
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pretty sure by now you have realised you got ripped off. Get that deposit back but expect
plenty of hassle to get your money back and also that they can make it cheaper.

max you should be paying is £3k.
Please let us know how hard it is to get your refund. Just so others can be helped.
as others have already mentioned above.

1. quickly get your deposit back.
2. get quotations from a couple of locally established firms.
To add to the above, I'm using a local company and getting a bi-fold door, 3x normal doors and 10 windows for about £9,500 - try a couple of local companies for comparison. Where in the UK are you?
gavin and wright and southside windows ive used them both last time i was around 3k-4k for 5 big windows 1 small and 2 doors and the were brown not the cheaper white ones,come out measure in half an hour not half a day give you a price and thats it they dont call you back.
Its a lot but then its a lifetime guarantee, most companies will change their name or have some excuse not to repair a fault, Everest will fix it no matter what.
Go to a local company!!!!
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