every time I log in the site has forgotton me

    Maybe they are telling me something but despite me saying remember me I am not recognised when I return to the site.

    Also when yoy submit in misc why id the oage so wonky? e.g.the topic box is actually above and to the right of the word topic - the description is across the other side of the page to the word etc.


    Try deleting your cookies and recent sites and temp internet files etc, It may just be that.

    have u tried logging in somewhere else? if so thats the prob.

    I get logged out too. Never used to

    and me don't even know who i am now. who am I ?...

    I have the same problem!! How dare the site forget me! I'm sure I'm important ;-)

    Same here ! (sigh) and i still not got anything im recent activity even though ive posted loads ! Grrr
    Hurry up and fix pleeeeeeeeeaaase !

    Original Poster

    has anyone had this solved yet - it still does n't recognise me and it is getting a bit frustrating now
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