Everyone with a Dell 6400 help me plss

    Im thinking of buying a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop of ebay but it has a 6 cell battery so i was wondering how long does a 6 cell battery last on the Dell Inspiron 6400? Could everyone with the laptop tell me and quickly state what CPU and graphics card they have.



    Do you have a possible item number? Is it much cheaper than buying from dell direct?

    I think it's about a couple of hours tops. I had one with a 9 cell and it lasted just over 4 hours (connected wirelesly)

    Mines 9 cell too - get up to 9 hours with wireless off, 6 with it on.
    Your looking at 2 and a half to three with the 6 cell realistically.

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    Are you sure you got 9 hours?? Did you have everything to low and the Wifi off?

    Yup, network card disabled, next to nothing running. Literally just notepad to sit with in lectures.

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    And its an Inspiron 6400? Thats actually quite impressive if it is!

    Yup it is, bought way back when they made a hdd upgrade take £60 off.

    mines a 6 cell too, 2 hrs on battery, wish id have gone for the 9 cell! too expensive to buy seporatly now tho! bumer!!
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