Found 21st Oct 2008
I know this is a big ask but I am basically looking to furnish a new house as cheaply as possible as I don't know how long I will be staying there.

TV, DVD etc I can buy second hand but beds (a double and two singles) and sofa I would like new as I can't bear the thought of bodily fluids etc :-(

I am also considering taking one of these broadband deals that offers the free laptop as I have to leave the pc, are these a good deal or am I better off buying one separately.

Anything suggestions will be greatly appreciated x

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tv and dvd are cheap as chips. depending on the size of the tv anyway. Plenty of offers posted on here. If you want second hand check out the ad-trader in your area.
You can get cheap beds in places like argos and Heli-beds. If you want a decent mattress and it doesn't need to be a divan you could always get second hand bed frames.

dining tables etc check out ikea, always very cheap - they also do the futons really cheap.

Re: the laptop these generally aren't great because it's an 18 month contract on a high priced tariff. If money is tight you'd be better off with a pc world / currys laptop refurb approximately £260 and a cheap mobile tariff - starting about £15 a month probably.

Just a few thoughts..

see if you have freecycle

argos have half price sofas at the moment


see if you have freecycle

Exactly what I'd suggest! Go to [url][/url] and join the closest group to your area, have a look through the offers and bung a wanted post on for anything else. I've given and received some great stuff on my local group. Not sure if you still need a yahoo email address to join up but they're free anyway!

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Wow thanks for the quick replies - all very helpful and point me in the right direction.

Would never have thought of freecycle

Thank you all so much, rep left

for your beds / sofas - have a look in bargain basement in dfs - ours has a massive room at the back with oddments in - dreams - harveys - ikea bargain corner (my personal fave) - dont take prices that are on - have a haggle as they want rid of

good luck fh:thumbsup:

Good luck with the move, you'll be able to haggle with shops now as they'll want to get rid of as much stock as poss before xmas. Bensons for beds do good deals and are good at lowering their prices. Got over a £100 off my new bed and mattress set plus free delivery. Just tell them you've seen a similar bed cheaper but went there because of their good rep.

Some good advice from everyone, I could also help out in any way possible, including negotiating with stores.

Good luck with everything and let me know if there's anything I can do to help, as you're arguably the nicest person to have graced these forums. :thumbsup:


Anything I can help with Hel, just hola....and like I said I will defo help you move guaranteed...even got the new car to use now rather than that knacker I had....

Can defo help with your lighting needs and I have a constant supply of bulbs etc as well so I can bring loads with and other electrcals etc too x

Ikea for the sofa and beds, they come with pretty long guarantees, decent quality and decent prices. Also check out dreams bed store, and haggle.

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Thanks for all the ideas - going to do some research today and see what I can get :thumbsup:
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