Evesham PVR160 or alternative PVR


    I'm looking for a PVR and have seen a couple come up on here in the last few days but they have all been slated by people with personal experiance of them.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this one?……010

    It's £149.99 with free delivery which is about the top end of what I want to spend. It has the main things I want which is the Twin Tuner, 7 Day EPG and at least a 40GB HDD.

    If anyone can find it cheaper or with Quidco ect please post or if you can suggest a similar box that you have recently brought let me know too & I'll look up some reviews.

    I've got through 3 freeview boxes in 1 and a half years so would like something a little better than the 30 quid efforts I've been getting.

    Thanks for any help,


    my advice is try and find some reviews on the is your friend

    Original Poster


    I found a good review over here for it


    Which is why it's top of my list really.

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