Evil/Best use for a Guitar Hero Box

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Found 2nd Jun 2010
I've just been shown this via msn. I have to admit I laughed.

anyway just thought I'd share, apologies if it's already been posted.



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Can someone summarise for me please

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theres 3 mates, one is passed out on a sofa (his worst fear is being buried alive).

the other 2 lads carry him, lay him down on a kitchen table and put the guitar hero box over his head, they then put a board of wood on top of this and bang on it loudly... the rest you'll have to watch

HILARIOUS - best faceplant I've ever seen!

the jury is out on that on that one :thinking: you'd wake up !!!

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the jury is out on that on that one :thinking: you'd wake up !!!

I doubt you'd put yourself through that faceplant for internet fame, and also how angry he gets about it


So funny! But felt sorry for him towards the end....


Serious over reaction at the end though.

LOL at scream and epic faceplant.

Not convinced, faceplant was cool mind

hahah awesome, but he went miles to far, by hitting him


funny lol, but getting carried to a table was a bit ermm wut
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