EVO magazine

My first copy of the free trial arrived yesterday but I have completely forgotten how many issues you recieve as part of the trial.

Can anyone help please as I do not wish to end up paying for a subscription.


It was 3, here's the link : ]http//ww…ion

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Thanks Syzable I managed to trace the email from Evo that informed about 3 issues.

All the best against the enemy .


All the best against the enemy .

Cheers. :thumbsup:

Anyone noticed that the whole magazine seems to be sponsored by Shell?

Every other blooming page is a Shell advert.

That Audi R8 looks a tad nice though eh?!?!

haha there is even a "advertisment feature" about shell/ferrari partnership!

is a good magazine, have actually bought it a couple of times and helps pass the time at work.

i do need to keep track of these magazine deals though, or im gonna be spending a lot of money!
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