Posted 17th Dec 2022
Just seeing if anybody else is having issues with evri delaying parcels for days and nothing ever happens, or isit just parts of Birmingham? Retailers than advise they need to contact evri and allow 5 days for a response before they can help.
Why do they keep accepting parcels? Why do they even use evri?
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    My advice is, get your stuff delivered to a shop. I reckon there's a better chance of it turning up (or at least it won't be dumped on your doorstep) and the drivers probably love it too if they can get rid of a batch of packets in one go.
    I second this, I always get them when I have them delivered to my local Morrisons. 

    I’m in Birmingham too if it helps. 
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    Amazon return last week and Amazon only gave me the choice to use Evri.
    Took the large parcel to the Tesco local drop off point on Monday morning and it has sat on the floor behind the till all week, I went into the shop Saturday afternoon and it's still there and the place looked like Santa's workshop with all the parcels wrapped up in sacks waiting to be collected.
    I've just checked the tracking and my parcel still hasn't gone anywhere, I'm amazed Amazon are stupid enough to use such a pathetic company for returns. (edited)
    No one else is cheaper.
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    There's an Evri thread created daily now. They're not just useless in Birmingham.....
    Apparently there’s 1000s of parcels lost with Evri.
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    Every delivery service is overwhelmed right now sadly. My family have several delayed orders by several days
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    In Sandwell not far from Birmingham we actually have fantastic service from evri, our driver is a nice reliable guy, used to be terrible before he took over (edited)
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    Posted few parcels for delivery around Brum yesterday, some already delivered today, looking at the tracker.
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    I don't no what I been charged 60p for it it to be signed but on Trackon it says don't do sign with COVID,waste of 60p
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    I'm having issues with every courier company just now. They have all been pretty poor the last few weeks

    Currently got 3 parcels with evri, so let's see how long they take to get here (edited)
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    It's not just Evri and not just in Birmingham. Every single courier service has become absolute nonsense.
    I've posted about being scammed by a (now former) DPD driver who stole my return parcel and cost me £170.

    There was an article the other day about a recently discovered parcel dumping site used by Evri drivers.

    It's outrageous what these companies get away with. Sure their drivers steal and dump parcels but the companies take zero responsibility.
    There was an article the other day about some dumped parcels stolen from an Evri depot in the South East (not by the drivers). I take it that is what you are talking about,
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    Retailers use Evri because they are cheap and customers don't care until its their parcel that goes missing and then they blame Evri rather than a) themselves or b) the retailer. Thus Evri get away with it again.
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    Why is everyone expecting perfection at Christmas? Right now, the system is overwhelmed with Royal Mail strikes and others don't have the capacity. For me, the most reliable right now has been DPD and Yodel. Amazon's own service has also been excellent.
    What region are you in out of curiosity? Here in north east England DPD has been one of the very worst in my experience. Parcels backed up sitting in depots for days before going out for delivery. Parcels being mis-sorted at the hub and sent to the wrong place. Cross-labelling issues meaning the wrong person gets the wrong parcel, and some parcels not even being attempted and just dumped at the local parcel shop after watching them drive straight past my estate on the map.

    DX and UKMail/DHL Parcel UK are the only two that have been even vaguely competent around here as of late. And ParcelForce have been decent too but only on non-strike dates obviously.
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    Royal Mail may have issues atm but they are less likely to lose them from my experience, good luck with evri, its free pickings for those guys.
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    Update to my comment above, a full 7 days after I dropped my Amazon parcel off at the Evri parcel shop my tracking showed 'unable to collect because parcel was not packed properly when the courier tried to collect'
    After a 20 minute drive to the shop the assistant said my parcel was quite large and they didn't want to take it because they had no room in the vehicle with all the other parcels that were waiting to be collected , so the tracking info was a complete LIE!
    Also my parcel was being sent in the original manufacturer's box that Amazon delivered it too me with so quite obviously it was packaged and sealed correctly.... Bloody Muppets Evri!!!!