Posted 24th Oct 2022
I have never been so angry as I am trying to get through to Evri customer service!!!

Try it. Its impossible and makes us humans look like idiots.

Doing a trustpilot review. My first ever

They shouldn't be allowed to treat customers like this.

So to summarise :

They ask for tracking number but they make you spell it out 3 in a go not all at once and all their tracking has letters at start but no of entering it!

I'm in a tangent I know I'm just so angry
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    Phone number: 0330 808 5456.
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    Don't let people forgot that they were formerly Hermes. Actually not hard to forget as they still stamp their parcels with old brand as can't seem bothered to change it. The discussion section here has horror stories about customer service if you look. Why I will never touch them. Tbh though I recently had to contact dpd CS and that wasn't intuitive either...
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    Nothing will change as long as people keep using them.
    But we don't get a choice of who sends us our parcels
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    I avoid the problem by never buying from anywhere that uses Evri for delivery. I check who a retailer uses for deliveries before I place an order. If it’s Evri, I shop elsewhere.
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    They have no accountability! Shouldn't be allowed
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    Royal mails ain't much better either you have to do the same and try and read out the number over the phone I gave in after 3 goes and even the post office couldn't tell me where a track parcel was last week (edited)
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    I had to send a parcel yesterday, tried evri and it was more expensive than royal mail, don't know why people use them :/
    Booked royal mail for 10p cheaper and they collected from my house for zero extra charge and brought the label with them, I was impressed (edited)
    You ask why people use Evri after admitting you were going to use them. Had they been 10p cheaper you would've used them!
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    If I am even lucky enough to get a parcel from them it lloks like they threw it off a cliff. (edited)
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    They should be shut down, bloody robbers

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    You will hate whichever courier company let you down. It's human nature. Hermes/Evri are not at the top of my hate list. In fact they would be closer to the best for me. The few posts above only serve to reaffirm my thoughts. Leave this thread long enough and every single one will get a mention for how terrible they have been. For me - Amazon's own drivers are the best. I have a very difficult address and as a result parcels get delivered to the wrong place dozens of times. Amazon done it twice - was put through to a 'special department' and as a result they flagged something. Hundreds of parcels later and not a single mistake made.

    My Hermes/Evri - never made a mistake (same driver - so once they get to know you it's a no brainer - would only need a new driver and that could change)

    DPD - no mistakes
    Yodel - many times (top of my hate list)
    Royal Mail - Many times (granted every time the regular postie is off)
    TNT - once
    DHL - at least once

    Could go on moaning - but reality is - it's down to the individual in your area. I have no doubt I have a better Evri than some of you
    True for most. Its not that they let me down but how they have no way of contacting them. No accountability. I'm aware in certain situations I could of got through them but they make it so hard on purpose and thats just poor customer service. I'm a young man and I found it stressful just glad it wasn't a relative.

    I never got through to them and I sent the item via Royal mail "knock on wood" Never let me down. And if they do I can always call them. Unfortunately my customer will have to wait longer due to the strike
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    What do people use instead? I had a monitor to send but it arrived with a broken screen apparently, buyer could have scammed me though. Evri don't do compensation on monitors so not much I can do, it was too big for Royal Mail. Not used other couriers before but might start. I hadn't had a problem with Hermes/Evri before. (edited)
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    I think it's Evri/Hermes but I must be one of the few who doesn't have problems with deliveries from them.

    My neighbour is our local courier.
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    I've just put in an order for some running shoes, delivered by Evri. If they were delivering to my home, I wouldn't have ordered. I don't want the stress of having to stay in waiting for the courier to arrive, with no collection depot to go to if the delivery fails. However, there was an option to deliver to a local shop. To me, that makes a big difference: I'm pretty confident it's going to turn up safely, with no worries about them just dumping it at my door. (edited)
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    Ceo's email addy:

    I had an issue with a Steam Deck being stolen by Evri, I complained, they investigated and marked it as "lost."
    Valve sent another out, and they made sure it arrived. I recieved it a week later. (edited)
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