Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 24 m ago)
Does exist, apparently, but isn't much use.

A working number is being setup for sometime later this year!

How on earth are they still in business.
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    0330 808 5456. But that’s only half the battle, as RY found when he rang it.

    Evri admits that it’s aware of issues with its voice recognition system and is “investing” in improvements. It points out that it operates a chatbot, but you have to reenter the FAQs labyrinth to track it down, and only a few of the myriad options produce it
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    The only way to contact a real human at Evri is to fake a house fire…806
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    The sooner this shower are put out of business the better. They should never ever be allowed to form another another company, fined massively and anyone either missing or u delivers parcels compensated.
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