Posted 6th Jun 2022
I'm about to tear my hair out with Evri. I sent an item back I purchased and as it was worth £85 I did it insured to the value of £90 and sent it with a signature. it was collected on 25 May. The tracking was updated on 26 May to say the parcel is delayed and they would deliver it the next working day. The status hasn't moved since 26 May and the same message is still there. Their chatbot and automated phone number help still says the same thing with no update since 26 May. 11 days with no update so I presume it is lost but there is no way I can open a claim or do anything because Evri just says delivery is delayed.

How on earth am I meant to get the item delivered or get a claim for compensation when their automated system sends me round in circles. How long can delivery be delayed for??? There seems to be no way of contacting a human and luckily I did sent the item with appropriate cover.
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    Someone's nicked it.
    Simple as that I'm afraid.
    They'll never admit it though.
    0330 808 5456 they're open til 4pm so if call now there's a slim chance someone will answer before they close

    I always find you stand more of a chance of speaking to someone first thing in morning. Not sure if they open phone lines at 8.00. If you phone the number when they r closed the recorded message should give opening times.
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    I Thought everyone knew to avoid Herpes like the plague
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    New name, same old crap
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    Evri is like the naughty girl from childhood tales.
    When they are good, they're very good, but when they are bad they are rotten
    It's just impossible. If they have lost it just say they have lost it and let me open a claim but just saying it's delayed is not helpful! It could be delayed for 6 months!
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    If the item you were returning was bought from Amazon, then try contacting Amazon instead. I've had problems with Hermes not returning stuff to Amazon before so I contacted Amazon's live chat and had the refund sorted in a few minutes. You will obviously need proof of your return though. Best of luck.
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    There's live chat and a phone number here - Evri Help Centre
    Neither is "Live" as in with a human. Both are automated bots. I have nearly £400 worth of stuff delayed at their hub for 7days now. I can't get any further as the automated services do not allow escalation or divert to human operator. I'm already under a lot of stress and do not need this. Absolute joke of a company!
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    Just use some other options on the chat until you get through to chatting to a person.
    There are no options, I've tried sending, receiving, something else and nothing at all gets me to a real person.
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    Did you pay for the return, or did the retailer provide the label?

    If they paid for it and provided the label its not your problem, chase the retailer for the refund.
    I paid for it.
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    I had the similar issue, returned amazon product using pre printed evri label and status never changed and product was not delivered to Amazon. However Amazon processed my refund
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    Wonder if they'll change their name back to Herpes when people start to realise it's the same appalling service with a different name. Best cure for the company (and the disease) don't knowingly touch them with a barge pole.
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    I've refused delivery of 2 items on the same day a month ago. The app still has it showing as "it's on its way". Yet the companies have found them back in their warehouses and issued refunds.
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    Hermes have stolen it. There are real people over the phone but based on my past experience it only takes you through to them if you choose the right options. Maybe something like spamming 9 or * or something could work, but I believe the system is designed to transfer you only if the tracking shows something is wrong.
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    It might be that they are not accepting people into the queue, which is why it keeps repeating the automation. Try calling in 'office hours'.
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    I tried again today and tried entering * and # on the call to try and avoid the automation with no effect. In the end I contacted Amazon who have issued a refund.
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    Write them a suitably worded e mail stating if it is not resolved in next 5 working days you will take out a MCOL at small claims court. Also find the CEO e mail from google along with directors etc and email the lot of them, that usually gets a response
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    I found the CEOs name and attempted various emails before finally getting a response. Refund has been processed for insurance amount and delivery costs.
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    Horrendous delivery company.
    Everything is approximate. Their tracker is as useful as a broken ashtray sellotaped to two bicycles going in opposite directions with a hurricane happening at the same time.

    They obviously know things are very wrong, hence the rebranding, but nothing has changed.
    What are they going to do next to shock us? Deliver on time?! (edited)
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    Parcel was in hub bike of evans for a week never delivered .then sent back ..what a waste of fn time .