Evri did it again !! How do I contact customer service ? Only bot online?

Posted 16th Jul 2022
can someone help me please?

I took a day off yesterday to be here for a delivery ( paid holiday ) expecting so many packages and needed to get stuff done at home.
the entire day of waiting and 1 dodgy driver pretended to make delivery based on the pictures he uploaded.

he's in the car, hasn't got out. did the exact same today and actually uploaded the same photo. He hasn't even bothered to change the photo that he used yesterday and three people home today.

we are on the third floor, no elevators and so he's doing that now not to use some stairs.

my package has been sent back to the retailer based on what it states on the tracking

it's all stuff from my whole day and I fly on the 19th ( evening) so extremely stressed/ annoyed that I paid for next day delivery which was an extra charge and they actually use this crap company.
now I can't get in touch with anyone there at Evri, on the tracking it state it's going back to the retailer.

any advice would be much appreciated.

it's actually sports direct. I ordered a bunch of sandals. good quality on their sale and a lot of other stuff. £80 order plus next day delivery which costs more

wouldn't have ordered if I knew they would use Evri.

anyone know how to actually contact their customer service at Evri, there is no email address on the website at all, can't even send email or any number to call.

how is that even legal as a registered service provider not allow complaints to be submitted ?
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    Things will only change if people stop using Evri.
    I ask the retailer who they use and tell them I don't buy from companies that use Evri.
    This. If I find out a company uses Evri I stop using them.
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    Your contract is with the seller, not the courier.... Give sports direct the hassle.
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    Would it be an option to contact the company you bought the items from rather than get involved with who they paid to deliver them ? As far as you're concerned you paid for something to be delivered to your address, your contract is with the retailer so if it hasn't turned up it's their problem to sort it out, if they can't/won't then you should get your money back.

    Replying to

    That is what I did exactly, it's diverted to a local locker now hopefully I get it today or tomorrow
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    (Edit: i thought DPD owned hermes) so I'm assuming they own evri.
    I'd try ringing DPD and requesting to be transferred to evri if you have no other option.
    If things have changed ownership wise then ignore me. (edited)
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    Evri and sports direct...what a combination
    There's definitely a joke in there about huge mugs...
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    Never had a parcel from Evri until today, well I didn't as such, they say they tried to deliver but no one was in which is rubbish and I have proof from my ring camera no one attempted to deliver
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    I think it’s time to knock buying online on the head, never seems to go right for you.
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    There is actually no customer service you can't reach anyone there as there is no live chat support or email ? How is that even allowed / possible / legal lol
    You are not Evri's customer, Sports Direct is. Sports Direct paid Evri so they have to deal with them and get the goods to you.

    You need to complain at Sports Direct only.
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    You need to contact the retailer, you have no contract with Evri. It is up to the retailer to get the goods to you.
    Complain at the place you bought the goods from.

    Unfortuantly you bought from Sports Direct and they are awful too so complaining might not do much!
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    Have you tried 0330 808 5456? That is a number i found doing a google search, I've not used it myself.
    Yeah that's the number I use.

    Screeenshot from the old Hermes website with opening hours.

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    If you have had delivery problems before you should of got delivered to the store and picked up, might be a chore but you wouldn’t be stressed, also you would of had your stuff.

    there are other shops and shops abroad I presume you could use so don’t stress enjoy your holiday. This has probably done you a favour as you don’t get good quality in sports direct, I found that statement quite funny. They do sell branded stuff but in general they normally lower tier range, ok if you just want the name..
    It was actually slower 3-7 days to pick up at store compared to extra I paid for next day delivery
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    I found a redirect option on their app yesterday, I diverted to a local locker, hopefully it arrives today or tomorrow morning before I head to Heathrow in the lovely weather

    The local locker is only a 2 min walk, no stairs for the driver to climb, save him having to lie for a third time as he still has the package (edited)
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    There is only one phone number online? Crazy charges ? 6-7£ to speak to customer service ? Crazy scammers

    Couldn't find any email or live chat support
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    Do the drivers get paid for unsuccessful delivery attempts?
    I thought they are just on a salary/ hourly maybe a bonus per delivery don't know
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    If I remember correctly Evri or Hermes as it used to be just employee people to work for them and deliver stuff, where I live they are pretty good really but I guess it really varies from one depot to another.
    I know someone who used to work at my local depot and he said they were all pretty good and professional but then not too many flats/high rises near me so a lot easier for them to do the deliveries.
    My guess would be that your local Evri are all at all to make it easier for themselves.... while I agree that your issue with Sports direct and whoever they are using to deliver stuff I would still be hassling Evri as most of the time you don't know who's delivering to you and you know this is going to happen again at some point sadly :-(

    Good luck
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    If you think that's bad, my order from Zara with Evri was supposed to be delivered on Saturday to a local Zara pick up point but at 3pm they just abandoned the delivery and today it's been marked as returned to sender.

    Can't get through to Evri (as you all know) and Zara have been utterly useless. All items out of stock. Evri really do deserve their reputation.
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    Same thing here with a delivery from house of fraser. 3 days the driver tried and failed to deliver apparently, even though we have been at home. Had to contact house of fraser who just said they will refund.. huge waste of time.
    Avoid purchase from anywhere that uses Evri if you have ever had issues with them.
    House of Fraser is now also owned by Sports Direct.
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    12 Deliveries they have delivered to wrong house thats no where near were i live and so many lost or damaged orders. i hate this company with a vengence. i will not buy from any company that uses them ever again (edited)
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