Posted 23rd Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 42 m ago)
In today's digital Times, be prepared for nothing, or a jigsaw.…x5r
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    In other news: Water - Wet.
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    oh no what a surprise
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    Ordered a personalised mug for someone, the company sent it by evri........, Should I be happy it actually arrived or complain because it's in 4 peices
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    A piece of crap by any other name, is just as foul.
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    Should have taken the free subscription when it came up a while ago

    Customers of one of Britain’s largest delivery companies are complaining that packages have been delayed, damaged and stolen by couriers.

    Homeowners with security cameras on their properties have footage of employees of Evri, which operated under the name Hermes until March, tossing packages at their doors and allegedly taking their items.

    A year ago an undercover investigation by The Times revealed that Hermes workers had manhandled parcels and mocked customers.

    Now a film shared with The Times shows a courier placing a package on a doorstep, taking a picture to prove delivery and walking off with the parcel.

    Richard Frenneaux, 40, the homeowner in south Wales who made the recording, said he reported the theft to Evri on December 9 but was ignored for a week before it was resolved.

    “It’s undeniable with the footage that he stole the parcel. I explained to them [Evri] that it’s kind of disgusting that this kind of criminal activity is going on ... and that my concern is that he’s clearly been doing that for a week and they could have stopped it on the day.”

    Evri said: “We have apologised and offered a goodwill gesture to Dr Frenneaux. The driver was quickly removed and their actions are not representative of the 30,000 hard-working couriers delivering for Evri.”

    Sam, 38, a marketing director in Brighton, said after a similar incident at his home he received no response from the company. He shared a video on Twitter of an Evri courier “taking a picture of it then walking off with it”.

    The package contained a personalised gift. “It’s frustrating,” Sam said. “It’s left a sour taste in my mouth because it’s a present that has disappeared. Either it’s disappeared because it’s been nicked or it’s disappeared because of negligence.”

    Evri disputed his account, saying it had investigated the incident and any parcels seen in his footage were delivered to neighbouring addresses. “We have not been able to establish any proof of theft,” Evri said, adding that it had offered him a goodwill gesture. Sam said his film showed no one else coming near his property that day.

    Andrew Stoneman, 56, a chief financial officer who lives in Buckinghamshire, has film of a courier throwing a £90 parcel at his door. He paid for next day delivery; it arrived a month late.

    Evri has faced criticism for its handling of parcels in the run-up to Christmas. Many customers have complained online that their presents for loved ones will not arrive on time.

    Film of Evri staff throwing parcels at a warehouse in Plymouth was posted online, forcing the firm to apologise. It said: “It looks like these parcels contain clothing and are unlikely to be damaged,” but added: “This behaviour is unacceptable and does not meet the standard we require for handling items with care"

    A survey by the consumer group Which? found Evri had a 76 per cent satisfaction rating with clients and came fourth out of nine delivery firms.

    Reena Sewraz, the Which? retail editor, said: “Even if you think it’s down to poor service from the courier, the retailer is responsible for the item until it is successfully delivered.”

    Evri said most staff “are honest and hard-working. This is reflected in the average star rating for our couriers of 4.63 and our Trustpilot score, which is ‘Great’, based on over three million independent reviews.” (edited)
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    New name but same old practices late, missing, stolen and damaged items, I won't use Evri/Hermes ever again once bitten twice shy.
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    My local depot have had people start on day 1, load van full of parcels and take the WHOLE lot and not be seen again ..
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    No suprise, even if RM current state i wouldn't touch Evri at all, do they even do background checks on who they employ, feels like it's a free for all with them and some of those who work for them have literally just come out of prison for theft.
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