Posted 10th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 36 m ago)
One customer ordered in October still yet to be delivered, another customer had a lot of neighbours parcels dumped on his doorstep for him to deliver them! A region south of Bristol waiting on average 2 months for parcels to be delivered.
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    This is what will happen to Royal Mail if the board gets its way. Owner-drivers on zero-hours contracts driving around with your packets in the back of their car.
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    2 complaints!
    That's only 2 i listed as examples.
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    Missus ordered some stuff from asos on the 26th. It would appear after some chat etc that theyve lost it!!
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    On the flip side, all, my evri deliveries arrive as scheduled by the same lady at circa 2pm.
    Never had a single issue out of about 100 times sent or picked up.
    Mine leaves neighbours parcels on my doorstep even though my house name is next to front door & doesn't even knock or ring either, useless twit. By the time I've found out he's long gone. (edited)
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    I saw a person posting on FB that they have had all the streets parcels dumped on their doorstep by Evri.

    Think it was one of the local area groups and the person with them all was just posting on there and didn't let any of her neighbours know by knocking on doors. Infact I think it took about 2 weeks for her to even explain on there how she had their parcels or that they were for her specific street and was just about to get rid of what what left. Someone did ask why she didn't just knock on the doors to let them know but it 'wasn't her job'

    Initial post was just "If you're expecting a parcel from Evri, send me your name I might have it.

    They shouldn't be doing it in the first place completely but with neighbours like that included in the situation it's no wonder so many are missing or got held up.

    Only issue I had with Evri was in Sept when my package didn't move for that long I ended up with a refund on Amazon marketplace and it was already down for a long delivery date so had to wait. It turned up about 6/7 weeks after so had to sort that out. (edited)
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    I’ve been waiting for mine since the 28th, status hasn’t changed since then. (edited)
    I can beat that!

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    Yep normal service has been resumed lol.
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    Go to the shops simple answer- or loose the high street!
    Already gone
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    I'm still waiting for a Christmas present I ordered December 15th bloody joke, contacted shop who now wants me to wait 2 weeks to investigate before replacing item
    How they're allowed to continue trading when they deliver such a terrible service!
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    According to Evri's website, my parcel has been sitting with them since 21st December. Absolutely useless delivery company. Will definitely avoid in future.
    Yep i can't think of a more complained about company! Are there any worst companies out there?
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    Recently for an item, tracking said delivered but it wasn't. 'Proof of delivery' photo had a completely different name and address on it!
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    Evri chance your parcel will get lost
    Evri chance you'll have to contact their useless customer service department!
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    Be useful if anyone has contact details to post here. Thanks.

    (was going to join the screenshots gang and post mine thats not changed since 22nd December only to see it has changed to 30th December, customs processing it - that was todays update on 10th Jan)
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