Evri packageless returns

Posted 21st Jan 2023
I am returning a few items to Amazon and there is an option to use Evri packageless returns.

Has anyone on here used it before? Do I really not have to use any kind of packaging?
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    Evri - packageless. What a genius idea. It saves the Evri staff time by having to normally open your parcel to have a peek in to see if it's worth nicking.
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    Amazon are way ahead of you.
    Amazon generally only offers Evri for defect returns. So when the item becomes "lost", Amazon receives full retail value compensation for a busted item worth Jack's hit.
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    The Evri parcelshop will generally just chuck the item in a plassy bag for you and waste their time putting a label on it before it gets lost in the system.
  3. Mr.Plow's avatar
    Do you also have the option of royal mail returns? If so I think you'll have to print your own label and pack it up but the postman will collect it and more importantly it'll get to it's destination.
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    Will it though?

    49367558-Cb7U4.jpg (edited)
  4. Gruff__'s avatar
    Don't do it. Avoid Evri like the plague. Choose anything but the Evri option. And I mean ANYTHING.
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    Why for Amazon returns?
  5. candice56's avatar
    I chose this option and took to the local drop off and they added a load of tape to the box which didn’t affect the return but would’ve meant the box outer layer ripping when reopened. I’d left it repacked like new so it could be resold so I was worried this would affect the return and refund but it didn’t so maybe they expect this? (edited)
  6. jimmyjazzisjazz's avatar
    Just used it for the first time. Printed label myself on a terminal and stuck to the box. Didn't package other than yhe box it came in.
  7. thesimpsons_uk's avatar
    Its a good idea in theory but when I tried to use this option the shop said they had run out of Amazon bags and therefore had to go elsewhere and essentially waste time - used Royal Mail QR code much easier (but you have to use your own packaging).
  8. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    I have been told that unless your item will fit in the plastic bag supplied to the shop they won't accept the parcel.

    I always choose RM returns & drop it at the local delivery office that I drive right by 3 times a week & get them to print the label.
  9. tor126's avatar
    Can’t recommend it. I use the print in store option a lot and once you have taken a screen shot and zoomed in on the QR code (Amazon returns) it works well. Tried a package-less return recently and they had nothing available to bag or box it in to. Won’t bother with it again.
    Side note
    The only thing worse then seeing Evri has your parcel for delivery is Yodel having it. As a delivery option they are shockingly bad but packaged returns they seem to cope with.
  10. stedaman's avatar
    you should use Royal Mail over Evri if possible for return. (edited)
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    Can you use a regular Evri drop off shop for packageless also, or do you need a specific packageless shop? 🤷‍♀️
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