Eww - Makes you think twice about certain food... (Link in first comment!)

    From Farm to Fridge!

    Link in first post - NFSW, nor is it safe if you're light-hearted. Or vegan for that matter...


    You think thats bad? You should see what happens to Vegetables!


    People want cheap food, the animals pay the price

    Yeah but the vegetables have got it worse! They get done by us AND the animals!

    BRB! Gone for a Swordfish Steak, SF Chicken Strip and Beef Burger, Hold the salad & tomato Sauce cos that's just too cruel.

    U had to post this now didn't you, so i get nightmares oO

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    Thanks for posting that........poor piglets and chicks.

    Even Jesus ate fish! What do these hippy's want us to eat?

    (serious though)

    Why they do 1/2 the stuff to the animals (cutting off cows feet etc and kicking around baby calfs) is beyond me. Some people are just plain cruel, however it wouldn't/couldn't stop me eating meat.

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    Hah, I couldn't watch, I like sausages and bacon to much.
    Ignorance is bliss.

    the way the animals are beaten for no reason is sick. people like that dont deserve to live.

    my uncle was a pig farmer and it wasn't in his interest to mistreat the pigs - he had to ensure they were healthy because it ensured he got good mney for them (admittedly he was a farmer over 30 years ago) but some of the things on that video were just cruel and unnecessary and those people deserve to have their faces shown

    i think these images are rather extreme, and possibly filmed some time ago, and do not reflect an accurate representation overall, especially in modern times.

    The guys seen punching the calfs, and the beatings with a crowbar etc, those guys probably get their kicks from hurting animals regardless, simply because they are cowards who would get a kicking if they tried it on something that could fight back.

    i would love to see all of them thrown into a cage with a hungry wild tiger as punishment
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    I couldn't watch it all, I'm shocked this sort of thing still happens.

    I'm already a vegetarian and I bailed from that video after about five seconds when I saw that cow whirling around. Euggh.

    its called factory farming and it happens...... good job people dont think ignorance is bliss when it comes to children.... how anyone can laugh at this is beyond me... Ill stick to my tofu cheers....

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    Random bump whitewitch64...


    Didnt see the video posted above but saw a few last week. Brought tears to my eyes.

    People that attack and torture animals start off with animals before moving on to Humans and becoming killers.

    You either have a heart that can comprehend that you are unnecessarily inflicting pain and you dont or you are barbaric.

    Big grown man here honestly upset after watching just a bit of that video, stopped after the castration of piglets with no anaesthetic, very upsetting. Give me 5 minutes with the workers that do that job, I would give them some beating I tell ya
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