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My mum is getting 4 ex battery hens on saturday, its going to be the first time we have had chickens as pets. Just wondering if anyone on here has had or has ex battery ones and what condition they where in when you picked them up. Also if they're good layers.

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What is it with people and chickens on here.

use duracell keeps them running longer.........and longer......:D..

Have a look at some of these misc threads about chickens

It's a good thing to do and I read the other day that it is very 'trendy' as well. Well done your mum!

If DLM doesn't see this try asking her, I believe she has some rescue chickens.


don't forget to wash your hands and scrub your shoes after you feed them to avoid bringing Salmonella into the house

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shes got some crocs for wen any1 goes into the chicken run as she has been told chicken poo can ruin ur shoes!!!
so we will be keeping them outside.


think generally there in ropey condition when you first get them and then they soon perk up.. some of the clips on tv show they dont even know how to walk tehn there first released! should be good layers in natural terms but obviously getting shipped out as they dont produce eggs fast enough enough comercially, i had chickens when i was younger and they were cool!

Ex battery hens may have feathers missing etc.. but they wouldn't rehome them if they weren't healthy. As for egg laying they are ex battery hens which will mean they are coming to the end of their laying time so if you get eggs then thats great but just don't expect them for very long.

Unfortunately the people Ive seen to have had ex batts say they haven't lived for very long ( 1 - 3 years) but they are bred to be docile and friendly so after they have settled in they will make great pets

They'll probably look like this...

But then become this...

You can check out the rest below.


Looked like this when picked up:

Very good layers:
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