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ex boyfriend refusing to give my stuff back!!!

Posted 22nd Nov 2009
ok so me and my ex split up 3 weeks ago, it wasn't a nasty split and we were only together a couple of months but now he's refusing to give me back all the stuff that he borrowed from me
he lives about 20 minutes outside my town and keeps giving me he excuse "i've been to busy" yet i've bumped into him mooching around town a couple of times since the split when he could of quite easily bought my things round then (i only live a few minutes drive outside of town) each time he look very embarrassed and mumbled about "being busy" grrrrrr
he's got about £50 worth of my dvd's and c'ds and being a single mum that's quite alot of moneys worth for me.
the question i wanted to ask was is it technically theft to deliberately hold onto someone elses property and not have any intention of returning them, tis doing my head in at the mo!
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