Ex Catalogue Clearance Pallets???? argos??

Posted 5th Aug 2009
Just seen this on ebay:


Ever wondered where most ebayers get their stock from? Heard stories on the local news of people earning a living off eBay?

Every week thousands of customers return items back to argos and similar stores, simply because they don't want it, wrong colour, unwanted gift, slight scratch etc....

The point is Argos are unable to resell items that have been opened, so they get passed on to a depot based in England, where they are checked and are put on pallets.

These pallets are sold on upto 80% off catalogue prices. If you are wanting to start a business on ebay or on the high street and earn a healthy income then read on....

I will send you the website of this special argos site and other great cheap wholesalers, where only a handful of people know about, you can not search for this site on google. You can browse thousands of their items that have no minimum purchase amount and are up to 80-90% off RRP. Items include Nintendo Wii, iPods etc. Lets be honest these items are easy to sell on eBay and before you know it you will be rolling in the £££££££. Whats the catch? There isn't one !!!

Once you register an email address and they confirm it, your able to browse all the different items and pallets available and are under no obligation to buy. The site is designed similar to eBay and very simple to use.

Con or legit?
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