ex display 360 HD drive in Taunton PCWorld

    I dont think this is a deal but may be of use to someone!

    PCWorld Taunton has an ex-display Xbox 360 HD drive. @£14.99

    I was going to buy it, however....

    No cables.
    No power pack.
    No documentation.
    No Remote.

    Yep, in fact its just the box and the drive unit (which looked ex-display!), nothing else.

    Overpriced for me!!! but i guesss omeone may want it if they have a broken drive?


    There was a £9.99 deal for this not long ago, if I remember correctly.

    Original Poster

    They seem to be as rare as rocking horse doo-doo - hence the post

    (and yep i didnt think it was a deal hence its in misc!)

    Blockbusters have some, but at £40 could be the reason why.
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