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Posted 17th Oct 2016
Anyone here have experience of online retailers that sell ex-display sofas and customer returns etc, and that will deliver? Have had a look at some sites, but advice welcome. TIA
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Got ours from sofology.

3 seater and 2 seater recliners and single seat, in new condition, wouldn't be able to tell they were ex display £1300.

Absolutely thrilled with what I got for the price
Sue Ryder charity shop sells them as overstock is given to them for free. Can pick up lovely sets for around £500-£800. Depends if there is one in your area but worth a phone call to ask.
I've looked at Sofology, so good to know that you had a good experience. I will find out about Sue Ryder, but don't think there is anything near us (South Wales)
Trade secret sell cancelled orders, ex-display and shop returns from brands like m&s, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, multiyork etc.
Most are half price.
They deliver too.
I got mine out of the bargain corner in Ikea and they delivered for £25 . Pot luck though .
sickly sweet


Anymore of these types of shops?

You guys are a wealth of knowledge.

Could do with kitchen and bathroom places who do ex display etc stuff.
Factory Outlet in Grantham not sure if they deliver you will have to ask , they make sofas for the big names

Have you tried going round the local shops and asking if they have any ex-display or soon to be?
Trade secret seems like my kinda store! Op, I'd deffo wouldn't advise buying a soda without trying it out first- so best consider proper shops rather than online...
I got mine from Sofa Sofa years ago (over 10) and I will be buying from them again. I ordered online, which meant I didn't try it first but it is really comfortable and has lasted really well. My daughter moved out last year and ordered her sofa and armchair from them and they were really accommodating. She had to postpone delivery for nearly 3 months and they were great about it. They are based in Wales.

DFS store in Measham, Leics has a big ex-display/Cancelled order area at the back of the store.
I bought a £3300 suite (current range) that was a cancelled order for £800, delivered within a week
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