Ex free view sata HDD into my pc..

Found 27th Feb
Firstly, I am not computer geek, far from it!..hoping someone has an easy to follow suggestion..
Removed a sata drive from old free view box, bought a new sata lead, have spare power supply inside windows xp machine..
All connected up, no drama, BIOS will read that a drive exists(Samsung 161j..I think), windows does not see "new" drive..
Assuming wrong format type? partition type?
So, easiest way to make drive usable as extra storage, within windows?
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Disk Management. Built into Windows.
You should see it here.
Weird as I would of expected it to be a media drive but it sounds like you have a Samsung HD161GJ. Samsung drives are hit and miss and the later HD204ui drives had dodgy motors and tend to slow down to practically zero transfer speed without flagging smart. I had to pull 2 of these from various systems due to them effecting performance. You check for any boot slowdowns and transfer speed issues.
Thank you all that replied, and pm'd, I gave up, after LOTS of reading, it seems some free view manufacturers security lock(code) the HDD to their hardware... hence can not acces/use outside of their equipment.
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