Excel Bods: Help Needed

    I need a formula which will display days remaining in say, Cell A2 when a date is inserted in A1

    thanks in advance.



    days remaining? wouldnt it be (days variable) - A1?

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    days remaining? wouldnt it be (days variable) - A1?

    its for a friend wedding... date is april 11th 2010. shes using a budget planner in excel, so want it to display the number of days left to SAID DATE everytime she opens the excel file :thumbsup:

    Ok here is how to do that:

    Make 2 seperate cells, such as A1 and A2. Right click and format these cells to dates *../../....
    then enter for one of the cells, =TODAY()
    The above will put the code for the current date of viewing the document
    for the next cell type the date you wish to countdown to (make sure that they are in the same format)

    Then make a new cell, E.g. A3, and copy and paste this formula ,

    ="There are "&INT(A2-A1)&" days until the wedding"

    *A1 being today's date

    That works when i just done it on my laptop, so it should work for you

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    cheers - worked a treat
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