Excel Error.. 'Cannot Copy To The Clipboard' - HELP!

    Hi Everyone!

    Okay so im working on excel and 9 times out of 10 when I copy a cell (Ctrl & C) I get this anoying Error message. 'Cannot Copy To The Clipboard'.

    I have to keep clicking "OK" and then try again.
    Has anyone had this trouble before? Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Its doing my Nut in!

    MS Office Excel 2003 - Sp2
    Running on Windows XP - SP3

    Cheers For Any Help, Rep Awaits!


    Im sure its something to do with security fix KB958437. If you unistall this in, add remove programs(make sure show updates is ticked) then 2003 microsoft office system you should be able to do it again

    It might be something as simple as the clipboard is full, try emptying it first as this would be an easy solution

    Hi Tanchi, what happens if you try and copy using the Clipboard Toolbar? (If don't know - View > Toolbars > Clipboard)

    thinking about my suggestion its possibly not that as im sure it wont let you do it at all. Although might be worth a try
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