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Found 25th May
I need to pull a list of data from an Excel Spreadsheet that has about 35,000 rows in it.

Basically with the made up example below.
I need to be able to filter or sort all the data based on Planet type. However I also need all the data associated with the people who have planet and keep it together.
Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Don’t mind if it is conditional formatting or an additional column that gives a True result or similar.

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1. Highlight the data to be sorted (in your example L click on A2, hold Cap and L click C8). Do not include row 1
2. Go to Data tab & L click Sort
3. Click the drop down on 'Sort by' and select column to sort
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Use a pivot table. Look up how to create pivot tables in you tube, there are tonnes of tutorials.
Or you can use advanced filtering with copying to a new location to create a new list of the data you want....

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