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Posted 17th Jun 2020
Any Excel Guru's on here?

When setting up a hyperlink to an email how do I add different lines of text within the body of the email rather just having a single line of text? 🥴 :/

I'm right clicking the cell I want to hyper link. selecting hyperlink, then email address and in the subject field using


But I can only add a single line of text which looks rubbish. I want to add a fully formatted email of about 5-6 lines of text.

Cheers 👌🏻
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Wrap text?
Forget it after some further searching found out how:

Just add


Which equals new line
alt+enter also works
It just sets the width of your text lines to fit in the column width.
Alt+Enter in the formula bar
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I'm not wanting to add an extra line of text within a cell. I want to create an extra line of text within the body of an email i'm hyperlinking to.

I've managed to sort that but for some reason there's only a maximum amount of characters that can be used?

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Could you put each line of text in a cell and then link to them?
Chr(13) inserts a line break try "first line " & chr(13) & "second line"
I try and explain better

I've got a spreadsheet with numerous documents listed and numbered (a few hundred).

I want to create a hyperlink on each document to the owner, each email subject will be different stating the individual document number.

So when the review date is due for each document I can just click the cell with the hyperlinked doc it will open outlook with the relevant owner and pre-made email stating the document needs reviewing.

I've currently done this, shown in the photo I've attached (please ignore the 'text to display' filed in the photo I know its different to the email subject I just did this quick to try and explain better what I want to try and achieve)


Generating spaces in the body of the email by using %0d%0a after each line I want to create in the email

The trouble is there is only a certain amount of character that can be used before it starts missing words and lines off. Is there a way to create a larger email body or a better way to achieve what I need to do?

Hope that now makes better sense?
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