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Found 14th Feb
Hello all,

wonder if someone is able to help me with this.
On Excel, I have about a list of about 2000 rows. With parent fields and then a child field below it - all on one column. Not all parent fields have a child field. But all child fields are indented. I need to try and copy all child fields to a separate sheet. e.g.

Europe (parent field)
UK (child field)
France (child field)
Germany (child field)
Asia (parent field)
Africa (parent field)
Nigeria (child field)

So, looking to cut and paste all child fields to another sheet and leave just parent fields on the primary sheet.

Many thanks,
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Are they indented with a space?
Depends how the Child fields are indented....

Presumably its spaces, If so, Lets say that they are indented by 4 spaces, I'd search for 4 Spaces and replace them with | (this is whats called a pipe character, which is highly unlikely to be in your text list already)

Then from the Data Menue, II would use "Text to Column", "Delimited", "Other" (and then type in |) then click on Finish.

That will move your child data into the second column and leave the parent data in the firsts column.

In the example below, the 4 Spaces have already been replaced with | character....

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Also if it was indented with spaces, you could use an if function in column b.
thanks for the suggestions...i had tried "text to column" but doesn't work because the indents are not using spaces but using the indent button.
any formula i could use?
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