Found 15th Jan 2010
Can anyone help with a formula for Excel please. I know the basics but struggling with this one.
I'm looking for a formula that will total up the number of boxes with data in them, no matter what the entry.e.g. if 3 out of 7 boxes have a time value, then it returns 3 as the answer. I tried using COUNTIF but must be using it wrong.

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yup - countA is the one you want... e.g. if you numbers are in cells A1:A7 - =COUNTA(A1:A7)

If you are looking for a specific time - e.g. you are looking for all 12:00 from the range, then you can use this:


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Try … Try COUNTA

Quick reply, thanks. That works fine thanks. Just have to make sure not to even have a space in the empty cell.
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