Excel Help please (again)

    Thanks to everyone who helped me yesterday but sadly i've come across another problem.

    How can I show time deficit? i.e, 3:00 - 4:30 should be -1:30 but instead it shows ########

    many thanks


    Try putting capital O in instead of the number 0

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    thanks but the numbers are automatically inserted using the formula {hh}:mm and it's the deficit difference between them that I need to find.

    Is the box wide enough to show the number? I have seen sometimes, if its not big enough you may get that...

    In Options change to the 1904 data system works a treat then

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    birdyboyuk - lol, tried that one. Apparently date and time function automatically go to ####### if it's a minus
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    coddfather - you've saved me twice this week, thank you soooooooooooo much

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    In Options change to the 1904 data system works a treat then

    Wow handy, I didn';t know that. I always used a formula such as

    to show the hours negatively and then use a hidden column to do the arithmetic

    Here have some rep.. Oops sorry forgot it's been taken away (_;) never mind repped you in my hed

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