Found 3rd Aug 2009
Is there a way for me to, for the true and false values, give an value of another cell?

What I want is, if something is true, the cell = A4 - A3, if false, the cell = A4

As you can see, its not a specific value and I need it to change depending on if it is true or false but I cant figure out how to do it, any help would be appreciated.


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=IF(A1 >0, "Hello", "Goodbye")
Stick that in the cell where you wanna see the word hello or goodbye
It will do the condition based on the contents of Cell A1

The syntax is condition, outcome 1, outcome 2 based on the If
It's pretty straightforward and you can nest If's but that's a bit too far for me lol


adjust value of A1 to test

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Thanks for the help, ended up doing it a different way but will be needing that for my next thing anyway, I always tried putting an equals sign in before the True/false.


Programming a load of ciphers onto excel as part of a project, just made a decimal to binary and a binary to decimal converter.
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