Found 2nd Dec 2016
In excel 2016 how do I get links not to follow when I delete

The sheet is over 1000 rows which I to add to each day but want to select and delete individual rows each day
Eg sheet 1 is where I Input and then will wish to delete one row, each cell in col on sheet 2 is linked to sheet 1.

Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 2 (formula)
1 data a 1 data a =sheet!A1
2 data b 2 data b =sheet!A2
3 data c 3 data c =sheet!A3
4 data d 4 data d =sheet!A4
And so on

I want to delete line 2 in sheet 1 and so my list to look like this
Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 2 (formula)
1 data a 1 data a =sheet!A1
2 data c 2 data c =sheet!A2
3 data d 3 data d =sheet!A3
4 data e 4 data e =sheet!A4
And so on

But I get this
Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 2 (formula)
1 data a 1 data a =sheet!A1
2 data c 2 #REF! =sheet! #REF!
3 data d 3 data b =sheet!A2
4 data e 4 data b =sheet!A3
And so on
If I select the cell I want, clear contents. Then select all the cells after then cut and paste them up one row I get what I want. But this is rather long winded as I have several to do at a time.I’ve tried writing a macro to do this but am stuck on how to select all the cell after the one after the one I select.
I hope this all makes sense.

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Not quiet sure I understand fully but if you absolute your formula it should return the right cells. To do this you would put dollar sign either side of cell ref. So example is a1 would be $a$1

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Hi thanks I sorted it.
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