Excel Problem - single worksheet using a load of RAM.

    Im running an excel spreadsheet with 4 separate work sheets, they all have names and address of clients in and I run a VBA maco to format the name and address correctly before coping them into the list.

    However one of my worksheets is using a TON of ram everytime I try and work on it for no reason I can see as every worksheet has the same type of data and roughly the same amount.

    Im using Excel 2007 and my spreadsheet is Macro enabled the laptop im using has a Core2Duo 2.0 with 3.12GB RAM.

    Anyone got any ideas...or can suggest a forum where this question might be more suited?


    any chance the VB has any looping algorythms? any misscoded parts that are causing it to run for to long...I havent worked with VB for a good few years but just an idea ....maybe the arithmetic being used is hitting a character or you've got a very large answer???

    Save it as excel 97-2003 workbook. :thumbsup:

    Try an open and repair. I've had similar symptoms with a relatively basic spreadsheet that had become slightly corrupted.

    Original Poster

    I got it!!!

    ODB_69 sent me a PM which said when you copy and paste between sheets it also takes across the formatting so I changed the paste mode to special and just copied across the values only rather than a standard copy and paste.

    Thanks very much to everyone who tired to help, maybe Micro$oft should warn the user when this problem is happening.

    Thanks ODB_69
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