Found 25th Aug 2009
Hi all,

Anyone an Excel VBA expert ?

I've got a macro that basically connects to the net & pulls off several pages of data.

Part of it looks like this:

MyName = "Query2"
ConnectString = "URL;http://web address.php"

Anyway - it works perfect in XP (tried on 3 machines fine), but I've tried it on 2 Vista machines & it doesnt work at all. It just "hangs"

Any ideas ???

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Probably firewall settings,you tried it with the firewall turned off?

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Yes, still the same mate

You using Excel 97? I've read somewhere a while back that some macros are not compatible with Vista. I can only suggest upgrading to Office 2007 to see if it sorts the problem out.

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Office 2003 I'm using !

mmmm, Office 2007 you say, I'll have to have a look at that, thanks

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Just upgraded to Office 2007 - same issue ?
Any other ideas ? It not a stupid setting in IE that needs to be ticked is it ?

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Just ran another of the queries & found that the import page was pulling through the IE data saying that there were cookie issues (site logged onto 1st in IE, then macro ran in Excel).

Are there any issues with Vista/IE/Office combined ?


The code you've posted connects to the internet for the information then selects the excel sheet and clears the previous download. But what happens after this, the code following what you have posted should be that that copies from the web address to the excel sheet.....can you post that too


besides the easiest way to find errors is to step through the code. Put a break where this code is and then step through it one line at a time to see where the error is occuring.

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I cant post it all mate, it's HUGE !

The code itself is not an issue, it does work with Win XP - just ran it fine on my work lappy.

It's when it runs in Vista it has an issue.....


I'm just not aware of any compatibility issues between vista and excel. Not that it should make a difference but are you using IE8 on these machines?

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IE8 on the Vista machine, IE6 on the XP machine.....

Good man, I'll try downgrading my Vista IE (dont use IE apart from this, use FireFox most of the time !)


might work I know of loads of compatibility issues with IE8. Its that worst version yet.

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Downgraded to IE7 - still the same
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