Excess Easter Eggs this year?

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Found 4th May 2011
How come all the shops still have excess easter eggs this year? Normally you visit a shop on easter monday and you only have the dreggs (naffy kinnerton etc) left.
Woolworths used to always be heaving with people looking to get 50% off eggs.
Never known it like this where a week after Easter shops still have aisles filled with eggs (which are massively discounted).

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noticed that too-usually all gone within 3/4 days of easter ending-was in tesco today-all their eggs are now down to 50 pence and they still have hundreds!

It might be that I didn't buy any this year.

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I just bought a glee one for a quid at tesco, binned the egg as the missus is getting too fat. Just bought it for the cup

Mod & Ed

I've been on a diet

I agree, my mate works in Tesco and says they have loads left over thats gone out the back and given to staff for free!!!!

Yes you are so right,OP..with all! The supermarkets have so many,left,I do not recall this amount before!

My Asda didn't have any left on Easter Sunday oO

I think it's cos they're too expensive. They've not reduced them significantly enough. We didn't buy any before Easter as we planned to buy them in the sale, but they've hardly been reduced. Only bargain was the haribo tubs which were reduced to £2.


I've been on a diet

At that is the answer, more than ever are on diets. Not me though I am on a fat mission to fill my trunks

That's next year's stock!

because people stopped celebrating easter and giving easter eggs!!(_;)


because people stopped celebrating easter and giving easter eggs!!(_;)

It looks that way.
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