Exchange Rate GBP to Euro

    [SIZE=2]Does anyone know any places that does good exchange rates ?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Many thanks[/SIZE]


    The larger the amount you are looking to change the better the rate normally

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    I m looking to exchange between 300 - 500 quid. But I guess leftovers can be throw back on ebay...

    If you have a Nationwide flexaccount & use your debit card at the cash machine (most countries accept them) you get the spot rate. This is the rate that banks use & is far better than any exchange bureau.:)

    The Nationwide account is really good, my parents opened one just for this reason as they have an apartment in spain and spend a lot of time there.

    The amount you are talking about eSimple isn't classed as a large transaction by and travel agents or exchange bureaus.

    If you are planning to get the currency from a travel agent make sure you ask them what their rate is and tell them that their competitor up the road has oferred you a better rate, be realistic though as the agents do check each others rates each day. Even though they do this they don't know what they best rate each day for each other is. Agents do not advertise their best rate, you will only get it if it is a large transaction or if you ask for it!

    Exchange £50 here and wait till you go to where you are going then exchange the rest you will get a far better rate
    If you don`t need the cash when you land change the lot there. I always hold back 100 euro for my next trip for this purpose for taxis etc
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