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Found 6th Sep 2017
I've received a voucher from vision express for £50 off eyewear and a free eye test so I pootled along and got my free eye test (eyes all good) and while I waiting I start reading the small print on the voucher (I mentioned my eyes were good!!)

In a nutshell the voucher says that £50 can be deducted from '"non prescription sunglasses" so I start checking out the Oakley's and enquire whether the voucher can be used against those to be told "Oakleys are excluded from the offer"

Anyhoo, when I get home I figure I'll read the small print through again and i can't see any exclusions regarding Oakley? It does mention the "£59 and £39" ranges and any "promotional offers" but nothing specific to Oakley?

So, my question is... if they haven't specified a big no to Oakley then where do they stand legally? I figure if it's not specifically excluded then it's up for grabs?

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They're having you on. Looks like they're just chancing it.
Go back in and ask them to bring up any details where it shows that Oakleys are excluded.
It mentions what about the £59 and £39 ranges?
That it can only be used on them??
It specifically mention the £59 and £39 ranges are excluded but no mention of Oakleys being excluded? I've pinged an email to get some clarification
Problem is that like a shop, they don't HAVE to sell you ANYTHING. If something is labelled at the wrong price they can't demand a higher probe than is on the ticket - but they are perfectly within their rights to refuse to sell it at all. The same with offers. If they don't want to sell it, they don't HAVE to.
On this occasion I think you will probably either get a response saying something like..' there was a printing error and the attire were correct ' (maybe because you emailed them they will Honor it though) or it will be a 'partner write, and we will contact them to correct this).
There is no obligation for anyone to seek anything st any price, it's just that after agreeing to sell it they can't change the price. That's the beauty of the self scanning service.
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