excursions in dominican republic

    just wanted to know really if any of you guys out there have been dom rep & could recommend any excursions ?
    returning to the north in may, this time with our 2.5 year old and 1 year old kids, oh and my sister and her two 8 year old daughters..
    did the horse riding there last time we went , which was fab & also the waterfalls but that was way too scary lol
    dont necessarily have to take the kids on the excursion as i dont mind staying at the hotel to babysit:)...
    long shot maybe but i thought id ask :P
    thanks !


    I think that you can go to Sousa, its where they filmed the bounty adverts in the 80's

    I hear its very nice.

    Paradise Island is breathtakingly beautiful, and the monster truck safaris are good fun too...have a great time, I'd love to go back there!

    My boss went to the Dom Rep last year and done the dolphin swim, he said it was fab and well worth the money (not that expensive i don't think). They had 3 kids around 8,7 & 5.


    if you go out on anyday trips where they pick you up from the hotel be warned that they will go the long way home so you can "see the poor" as much as i feel sorry for them i worked hard to afford a nice holiday and didnt like the fact it was a poor country rammed down my throat everyday

    anyway paradise island was the best and the dolphin swim was good

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your tips ! i will try them all i think..
    i remember driving through the town last time where people were living in two pieces of corrugated metal leaning together and babies were playing on their own in the road.. kids would run up to the jeep hoping for gifts..must admit i did feel guilty on getting back to my 5 * complex but made myself feel better by thinking i was putting my money into their country.. ( they probably wont benefit from it in reality tho, i dont know)

    i bought some of that home made viagra drink...was like sticks in whiskey...

    horrid and didnt work.

    Saona Island, and take some snorkels, very clear water (here's a photo)...…jpg

    vengod - you're talking about mamajuana I believe (have some in the kitchen).

    Original Poster

    thank you all for your help ! rep left


    Im going to playa dorada end of march staying at blue bay villas first time ive been as well! Not sure if this is north or south??? my oh wants to do the dolphin swim as well, im happy with the all inclusive drinks and abit of sun on me back!!

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    ah i think thats the north too ! i cant wait, you will love it i just go for the sun & the beach mainly.. but also love everything else about it, trouble is it spoils you.. makes greece & spain look pants lol
    its the 2nd time iv been to this complex & i would recommend it to anyone


    Yes, we cannot wait, it will be truly magical! Shame we are not going on same dates!!

    i agree paradise island was absolutely breathtaking, and i did the swimming with dolphins well worth every penny. Monster truck safari was good too.

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    im tempted to go on the monster truck safari ! that would have been fun if we were going on the same dates !
    it would have been nice to meet a fellow HUKD , er
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